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  • Peter Byrom-Smith

Celebrations Book 8 - New Publication by Recital Music

I am really delighted to share the news that Recital Music have just published a new collection of my work titled ‘Celebration.' The book features a selection of 6 pieces, which are written to celebrate a particular musician/composer: ‘Encore’ Written for the birthdays of Teppo Hauta-aho, and Frank Proto (2021). ‘Two Way Mirror’ a self portrait work (2021). The Pursuit Of Pan’ composed for the ’Syrinx Project’ celebrating the 100th anniversary of the death of Claude Debussy (2018). ‘Lighting Our Darkness’ written for 'Da Vinci 500’ which celebrated the 500th year anniversary of the death of Leonardo Da Vinci (2019). ‘Ever Turning - The Painted Wheel’ composed in memory of and tribute to the wonderful Tony Osborne composer and master musician (2019). 'Prague By Night’ (in 3 movements) written to celebrate the 100th birthday of František Pošta (2019)

Below I have added a link where you can read a full description of each piece, and the inspiration behind them, and also purchase the book.

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