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Peter Byrom-Smith composer

Peter Byrom-Smith


Peter has found inspiration for his music in the life and work of a varied array of composers, artists and poets. Writing for and performing with many musicians from across a wide spectrum of genres, was his composing ‘apprenticeship.’ His musical journey has taken him on many trips across Europe and the USA, where his music has been performed, recorded and broadcast.  Peter’s work is performed regularly and he receives frequent commissions for new music. 

His music crosses boundaries: a melange of sounds, bringing together elgarian melody, jazz harmonies and rock rhythms.

In the growing portfolio of work which includes pieces written for full orchestra, chamber musicians and solo performers, he also regularly works with pop/rock musicians both in the studio and live performances. 



"Peter's music moves me. Sometimes fine and straightforward, sometimes very mysterious. His secret must be to draw inspiration from his own life experiences” - Polo Piatti, Artistic Director, International Composer Festival


"My thanks to Peter for all his enthusiasm and hard work, for the beautiful score that will bring the film to life." - Clive Hicks-Jenkins, artist and filmaker


"Very inventive music, original ......... You are a breath of fresh air" - Stephen Plews, owner of Prima Facie Records

“I write music because I have to; sharing my personal thoughts, reflections and emotions in music, it is my life's passion.” Peter Byrom-Smith FRSA

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